Friday 16 February 2024

Seven Scams

1. Government – The State is not your friend. It is your enemy. The illusion of democracy was set up specifically to keep the ‘plebs’ in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety and servitude. ‘Government’ is a for-profit corporation put in place to benefit those in higher office, increasing incrementally as they rise up the food chain. They do this by ‘selling out’ any principles they may have had and pretend they still have (unlikely – most are ‘selected’ at an early stage because they have been ‘compromised’ in some way, and/or display sociopathic tendencies), to maintain the illusion they are in some way ‘representing’ said plebs. Which is of course ridiculous.

2 Taxation – ‘No taxation without representation’ they cried! Okay, so we’ll agree to be taxed but only if our concerns are represented in Parliament by the individual we vote for. OKaaaay. How is this working out for you? Would you say your local MP truly represents your concerns about local issues or indeed about national and geopolitical situations? If the answer in ‘no’ then we have a problem. Moreover, the ‘dollar’ you earn is often taxed not once, not twice, even three or four times! Let us not forget that ‘direct taxation’ or ‘income tax’ as it’s better known, is a relatively modern phenomenon. In fact, it was outlawed in the American constitution and only made legal with the 16th amendment in 1913, and was originally designed to hit the top 1% of earners. We accept it as something set in stone, and we shouldn’t. Under Normanism (lolz), the vast majority of workers would keep all of their hard earned. Imagine what a boost to the nation that would be.

3 The Financial System – Ask anyone you know ‘how does the financial system work’? They won’t know, because they – and you – aren’t supposed to know. Why? Because the system was set up by a cabal or cartel of private bankers who loan money into existence, which is bought mostly by Governments (bonds) who then steal money from the lower classes via taxation to pay the interest on said loans. This collusion between the bankers and The Govermint <sic> continues until the State becomes so indebted, the money becomes so obviously worthless that the entire system collapses, everyone is wiped out, and the whole thing starts again. They don’t teach this in school folks – because as soon as you’re old enough to get a credit card, you’re fucked. Which was the plan all along.

4 ‘Covid’ – The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting global population. Using the tried and tested method of control, Governments weaponised fear by convincing people to be scared of something they cannot see. Using the incredible power of television programming, via remote control (do ya see it yet) the entire scam was based around two falsehoods – a new PCR Test so good that it tells you whether or not you have a specific respiratory infection (it doesn’t), and the hilarious notion of ‘asymptomatic transmission’. Just try going to the doctor claiming to suspect you have a certain condition, confirming; ‘oh no, I don’t have any symptoms’. They actually made people believe that having no symptoms, was a symptom. Literally everything else, from 'face nappies' to 'bubbles' to 'vaccines', was pure distraction, theatre and ritual humiliation. You’ve got to hand it to them, when it comes to propaganda, they have no peers.

5 Man-man climate change – This one takes a bit more thought, but not much. The climate has always changed. The end. Okay, this time it’s different, I get it. Why? Because since the industrial revolution from around 1850 onwards, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased (it is now 0.04% of the atmosphere, or 400 parts per million), so it must be OUR FAULT. Wait...don’t records go back any further than 1850? Yes, they do, as a matter of fact. And what the records show, is that the planet has had many periods of cooling and warming, but that those periods were not preceded by a rise or fall in carbon dioxide, because it’s not scientifically possible. Co2 in the atmosphere CAN ONLY rise when there is an increase in temperature first. Besides, anyone claiming that a trace gas that makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere is the control knob on the earth's temperature is clearly trying to pull a fast one. So, it’s not your fault. In fact a warmer climate means more carbon dioxide, and a greener planet. Which is brilliant news for everyone. Only when the billionaires start selling their beach front mansions will it be time to worry.

6 The Cancer Industry – We are all touched by cancer, so it’s a very emotive subject. Which, like all health matters, is GREAT NEWS for the pharmaceutical industry – and cancer is big business. That the Big C isn’t preventable or curable is of course rubbish – we have all that we need in nature to live without cancer. But the main cause of cancer – sugar – is in pretty much EVERYTHING that most of us eat. Cut out sugar and you are far less likely get a cancerous tumour, which feeds on sugar. Why is sugar in everything? Because they know it is the most addictive substance on earth. So they create the problem, knowing the reaction, and then supply the solution, which makes them enormously wealthy. Did you know that cancer can never be cured? It was written into British law in 1939 – to promote the idea that you have a cure for cancer is punishable with a prison sentence. The cancer industry will NEVER find a cure for cancer, because it's worth trillions of dollars (new mRNA cancer vaccine anyone?) and there are dozens of ways to prevent/cure the disease via ingredients found only in nature – but they don’t teach that in school, either.

7 Electricity – When the company you pay for your electricity refers to itself as your ‘supplier’, they are lying. It’s a massive scam. The supplier of your electricity is the National Grid (which, hilariously enough, burns a lot of coal and imported wood) – the company you pay is nothing more than an agent, or middle man. If you stopped paying for your electricity, you would still get electricity. There’s not a man stood in a big room flicking switches on and off if you don't pay. You would then have a long and humorous relationship with said ‘agent’ where they will threaten you with untold horrors until they give up and sell your ‘debt’ to a bailiff, who you then thank for paying said debt on your behalf. The reality is that there was once a genius called Tesla. Nikola Tesla died penniless despite holding thousands of patents proving that electricity is all around us and can be harnessed in many different ways. Free electricity for the masses was of course anathema to THE POWERS THAT BE, who censored, deplatformed and trolled Tesla so that they could promote their man Thomas Edison, and make money out of the plebs for evermore. Thinking about it, it’s the greatest scam ever contrived.   

Coming soon - seven more scams!